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Video is now an essential part of the marketing and communication strategy. Let MFilms create your video. We produce corporate videos, informational videos, and event videos that convey your message and engage your target audience.
video report

A video report is a short and powerful report of a meeting, event or a specific (current) subject and only provides the necessary, relevant information.

Bedrijfsfilm laten maken
corporate film

A corporate movie is a nice business card that shows who your organization is and what your organization does.


A catchy video report of an event is a great marketing tool to put your event, large or small, in the spotlight.

Animatievideo - MFilms

An animation combines the best features of illustration and video and is ideal for explaining a brilliant idea, product or service quickly and simply.

Voorlichtingsfilm - Mfilms

An information film can be used for various purposes, for example to explain your product, service or organization.

Filmportret - MFilms

In a film portrait you are interviewed as the main character and we look for the uniqueness of you, your feeling, your passion, your inspiration.

Testimonial - MFilms
video testimonial

Video testimonials are public expressions of satisfied customers about your company, its services and products. This showcases your customer satisfaction online.


With a good instructional film you can easily explain complex matters.

How it works

Making a film is a very educational process. First of all, the core message must be clear. If necessary, we will work with this in a creative way. We are happy to advise you from objective to concept to the production process. The film production process consists of 5 phases:

1. Concept and script
2. Production
3. Recordings
4. Edit
5. Result

Concept and script
First of all, we dive into all the information and possibilities based on your briefing. For example, we would like to know what the objective of the film is, the target group and with which medium you want to distribute the film. If it is a corporate film, for example, we want to get a good picture of your company, the corporate culture and your customers so that we can put ourselves in the position of your target group and its experience. After all, the film has to captivate your target audience otherwise it will drop out. We not only add our experience as film makers to your knowledge as a client, but also our sales and marketing experience.

We then develop a script and storyboard with a catchy angle, including text, music and visual proposals. With this we take you into the story, the atmosphere and the form in which the film is cast.

Production and recordings
After consensus, we plan the shooting day(s) and the recordings take place.

Editing follows after shooting. When the assembly is well advanced, we will show you the intermediate product. This gives you the opportunity to respond to this and to pass on any changes or corrections. We then incorporate the adjustments into the film.

MFilms can provide the film with effects, titles, music and your company logo. The film will then be completed and delivered. Via WeTransfer we will send you the film file in different resolutions so that you can place it on your website yourself and on various social media channels such as Facebook, Google+ etc. If desired, we will place the film on Vimeo and YouTube, the fastest growing search engine, so that your prospects also can find you there. If desired, we can also optimize your company film (video SEO) on the keywords you have chosen.


How much will a corporate film cost? Producing a company or assignment film is custom work. No assignment and no client is the same. To give you an idea, we would like to explain how the rates are structured and what you can expect in terms of costs.

First of all, the price of a corporate film can vary from €850 to €30,000 and depends on a number of factors that differ per production:

• The target group, type of company, product or service
• Client budget
• Number of specialists required to be deployed (screenwriter, director, number of cameramen, sound and lighting specialists, editor and animator).
• Length of the movie
• Number of filming days/parts of days and number of shooting locations
• Deployment of film equipment (camera, light, sliders up to the deployment of drones)
• Editing style/work and special effects/animations
• Voice over or stylized written texts
• Stock music or composer

Do you want to know what your company film will cost? In a completely non-binding conversation we can translate your wishes into a concept and an extensive price specification. Let us surprise you and make an appointment right away! Or contact us by phone: 06 5129 0139.


To give you an idea of the different prices, here are a few examples.

Corporate movie Basic

Duration: 2-3 minuten

Team composition:
Self-directing cameraman

Preparation and scenario

Camera, sound and editing equipment

1,5 day of shooting
€ 700.00

Editing and finishing

Total € 1,900.00
(excluding VAT, music and production costs)

Corporate movie Plus

Duration: 10-12 minuten

Team composition:
director, sound and cameraman

Preparation and scenario

Camera, sound and editing equipment

Three shooting days

Editing and finishing

Music composer

Post-production costs (audio post-processing and color correction)
€ 800.00

Total € 9,750.00
(exclusive of VAT)

Video pitch

Duration: 2-3 minuten

Team composition:
self-directing cameraman

Script preparation

Camera, sound and editing equipment
€ 150.00

1 shooting day
€ 200.00

Editing and finishing
€ 400.00

Total € 850.00
(excluding VAT and music)


Duration: 2-3 minuten

Team composition:
self-directing cameraman

Camera, sound and editing equipment
€ 200.00

Shooting day
€ 400.00

Editing and finishing
€ 400.00

Total € 1,000.00
(excluding VAT and music)