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Animatievideo - MFilms

Simply explain your idea, product or service

Do you want to explain complex matter or a brilliant idea, product or service quickly and simply? Then animation is a very effective tool. An animation combines the best features of illustration and video. It has now been proven that image and sound together provide better understanding and therefore better retention of the message.

We make a tailor-made animation film for you. We come up with the concept, develop a script, draw the storyboard and add sound effects, music and possibly a voice-over.

Some examples of animations

goinGDutch is a platform that is being rolled out to encourage as many Schiphol workers as possible to come to work by bicycle.

In this animation we show how Aurora, a global player in the production of furniture and home accessories, works.

As an umbrella organisation, HOOM trains energy coaches, among other things. In this animation we show what an energy coach can do for residents. is a worldwide online platform that sells almost new cars. In this animation we show how buying a car online works.