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Voorlichtingsfilm - Mfilms
information film

Show the viewer what you do

An information film can be used for various purposes, for example to explain your product, service or organization. During our intake meeting it becomes clear what your objectives are. We then come up with a creative solution for a short, informative film.

Some examples of information films

Eyelid correction at Nationaal Huidcentrum

An entertaining and at the same time informative information film about the Foundation

Dramatized information film for the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer in the context of the introduction of the new WABO legislation.

Together on the road to 2020. The change program 'task-driven work' of the municipality of Rijswijk

Expedition Noaberkracht, a journey of the municipalities of Tubbergen and Dinkelland

An entertaining short introduction to the psychosocial resilience training 'Whoa, this far and no further!'.