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corporate film

Have a catchy corporate film made

Do you want to have a catchy corporate film made for your company? MFilms supports companies in professional corporate films. People read less and watch more. That is why a company film or video can no longer be missing in your content marketing strategy. More and more companies have discovered the power of video and are producing various short corporate films to tell their story, brand, product or service.


In contrast to other promotional tools, a corporate film offers the opportunity to communicate a short and powerful visual message that sticks with the viewer and that is exactly what you want. The message of a video is remembered better than the message of a text. Moreover, with a company film you increase your online findability. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the Netherlands. As a result, a company film leads to an increase of your website in the search results of Google. A corporate film is also very suitable for social media channels.

Bedrijfsfilm laten maken

Companies would like to put all their USPs, history and customer testimonials in a corporate film. This does not work. If you communicate a message in one video, it will come across more clearly. It is therefore smarter to make multiple videos. Not only do you communicate better, but you also give the viewer reason to watch more of your content. Another added benefit is that you have more content to fill your social media calendar. With a short company film or video on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, for example, you can reach your target group well and easily.

Choose to what extent you want to make your video content!

We offer your company various options in how you conduct your video marketing. We are happy to spin and brainstorm with you. We test everything: does the video touch your target group, does it offer help and is the video or film clear and interesting for your target group? In this way we ensure that your video is commercially and substantively strong. Together with you!

Learn to create corporate video content yourself

Also take a look at our workshops where we offer the opportunity to learn filming, vlogging and storytelling skills. This includes Incompany workshops filming and vlogging with the smartphone, business vlogging and storytelling where you can practice in your own environment and quickly achieve results. If you want to stimulate creativity and mutual solidarity within your organization, follow a workshop filming and vlogging with your smartphone or the workshop shoot and edit photos with your smartphone as a team building activity.

Some examples of corporate films

We visualize the USPs of the hostel chain Stayokay in an original and appealing way

Industrial corporate film for Abdel

A day with Ruben Nicolai, ambassador of the Dutch Burns Foundation, during the children's holiday week 2019

Promo for the movement 'Together Faster Sustainable' within Gooise Meren

This film visualizes the benefits of digital litigation

Behind the scenes at Koeka

Win the Inner Game, Mental Sport Coaching

A visit to the Aging Well Institute in Breda for an Environ skin care treatment and mineral makeup by Jane Iredale.

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