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Filmen en vloggen als teamuitje



Have you ever thought about using a smartphone filming workshop as a team building activity? Working together in a different way with the smartphone. Besides the fact that it is fun to be involved with the smartphone in a different way, it is also very useful and educational.

The skills that the participants learn during the workshop can be used to develop video content for your organization's social media channels.

We teach your organization to film and vlog with the smartphone in a professional way!

During a workshop 'Filming and vlogging as a team outing', participants go through the production process in half a day, which sometimes takes a professional film crew months. In each group, participants make a film story based on storytelling principles. Subsequently, the most important film techniques, film frames and camera movements are taught in a crash course. Then the recordings begin, using the smartphone as a camera. Then we look at the installation. A movie isn't a movie if there isn't at least a very small premiere party after its completion. With that we conclude.

As experienced filmmakers, we share our knowledge and insights during our workshops. Our experience is that after successful recordings, the groups separate as a close-knit team.

View some impressions and testimonials of the workshops below.

Impressions and experiences of participants. Incompany, as part of a team day and in our own Filmatelier Bussum

Teambuilding workshop i+solutions

Teambuilding workshop filming and vlogging 


Incompany workshop professional filming and vlogging 


Incompany training professional filming and vlogging 

The power of workshops at MFilms

  • A lot of experience: MFilms has been offering workshops filming, vlogging and photographing with your smartphone since 2015
  • Training by professionals from the TV and film world with extensive didactic experience
  • Optimal variety of theory, examples and practical exercises
  • Emphasis is on trying it yourself for a steep learning curve
  • Personal attention
  • Good value for money: workshops are high-quality and affordable
  • Good reviews: participants go home inspired, happy and satisfied

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