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filmen en vloggen met je smartphone



The cameras in smartphones are getting better every day. Every smartphone nowadays has a camera to film in HD or 4K quality. You therefore do not need an expensive camera to make high-quality videos. So the resources are there, but to master the profession of filming and vlogging and to create quality video content, more is needed. Find out for yourself!

MFilms offers interesting, creative and educational workshops. These workshops, in which the smartphone is central, are a perfect combination for relaxation, fun and learning to make films and vlogs for your company. We offer our workshops as open training, but can also be used as in-company training or team building activity, as part of a team day or heat day training. Ideal for communication professionals from the business community, social and municipal institutions who want to make videos and share them on websites and social media.


MFilms offers various workshops to improve your film, vlog and presentation skills:

  • Filming and Vlogging with the Smartphone, with the emphasis on making images and editing
  • Business Vlogging, the emphasis is on making substantive vlogs
  • Present yourself with the smartphone camera

Tailor-made workshop
It is of course also possible to put together a tailor-made workshop on the basis of the above workshops, tailored to the specific wishes of your organization.

View the programs of our workshops below. We hope to see you soon and learn your new skills.

filmen en vloggen met je smartphone


  • Knowledge and practice of the camera app, light and sound
  • Difference between filming and vlogging
  • Image technique (composition, camera movement and framing)
  • Interview techniques
  • Visual storytelling
  • Basic edit skills
zakelijk vloggen - MFilms


  • Knowledge and practice of the camera app, light and sound.
  • Presentation skills
  • Image technique (composition, camera movement and framing)
  • Interview techniques
  • Visual storytelling
  • Basic edit skills
Presenteren voor de camera - MFilms

Present yourself with the smartphone camera

  • Preparation
  • Eye contact
  • Verbal presentation techniques (use of voice) 
  • Nonverbal presentation techniques  (body language) 
  • The power of storytelling
  • Presentation structure (story and message)

Of course we can also put together a tailor-made program, tailored to your organization!

filmatelier bussum

Filmatelier Bussum - MFilms
Filmatelier Bussum - MFilms
Fotografieworkshop - MFilms
Filmatelier - MFilms

Meet colleagues in an inspiring environment. Enjoy our delicious coffee and lunch. And above all, get a lot of inspiration to immediately get started with filming and vlogging with your smartphone.

Impressions workshop: Incompany, as part of a team outing and in our own Filmatelier Bussum.

Impression workshop professional filming and vlogging with the smartphone for Samenwerk@corporation in the Gasfabriek Deventer.

Impression of training business vlogging and presenting in front of the camera for the Service Delivery Management Team of Leaseplan.

Workshop filming and vlogging for Aedes, at the beach pavilion in Scheveningen as a team building activity during their annual day out.

Filming and vlogging workshop for Eden Hotels as a teambuilding activity in the Babylon Hotel in The Hague.

Incompany workshop for employees of the municipality of Uden and Oss in Uden.

Experiences of participants of the municipality of Noordenveld.

“Even for a vlogger like me, a movie plan is very important”

“I vlogged for the first time. Scary, but great fun!”

“I thought I was already very good at it, but I still discovered a lot of new things”

“Personal attention, small group, hands-on.”

Some videos that participants realized as a final assignment

1,5 meter workshop, what does that look like?

Nijenrode University, how do we become the most personal university?

Autumn Leaves

A song path

Tomatoes out of Space

The stalker

Create with future

promo film for @tanteclaussie

The workshop is given on working days from 10 am to 4.30 pm in the Filmatelier Bussum and costs € 295,- (excluding VAT, including lunch).

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Workshop Filming and vlogging

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Call us for special requests, such as an in-company workshop or workshop as a team building outing: 06 5129 0139