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Incompany workshop filmen of fotograferen



In the age of social media, visualization of your content is indispensable. Handy if your team knows how to deal with visual content. Mfilms offers Incompany workshops for filming or photographing with your smartphone. That is not only useful and educational, but also really fun and guaranteed a lot of fun. It is ideal to follow one of the workshops at your own company or organization. Then your employees can immediately put what they have learned into practice. And it often produces immediately usable images.

An Incompany workshop is a challenging and creative way to let employees translate the company story into images and then share it with customers via social media channels. The workshops are also highly valued by employees as a company outing or as a team building activity. View our options.


MFilms offers various workshops to improve your film, vlog and photography skills:

  • Filming and Vlogging with the smartphone, with the emphasis on making images and editing
  • Business Vlogging, the emphasis is on making substantive vlogs
  • Present yourself with the smartphone camera

Tailor-made workshop
It is of course also possible to put together a tailor-made workshop on the basis of the above workshops, tailored to the specific wishes of your organization.

View the programs of our workshops below. We hope to see you soon and learn your new skills.

filmatelier bussum

Filmatelier Bussum - MFilms
Filmatelier Bussum - MFilms
Fotografieworkshop - MFilms
Filmatelier - MFilms

Meet colleagues in an inspiring environment. Enjoy our delicious coffee and lunch. And above all, get a lot of inspiration to immediately get started with filming and vlogging with your smartphone.

Impressions workshop: Incompany, as part of a team outing and in our own Filmatelier Bussum.

Teambuilding workshop
Kraft Heinz

Incompany workshop professional filming and vlogging

Nationale Postcode Loterij 

Teambuilding workshop i+solutions

Incompany training professional filming and vlogging 

Some videos that participants realized as a final assignment

Final assignment Incompany workshop: Key safe

Final assignment online workshop: Aunt Claussie

Final assignment open training: Fire safety

Final assignment Incompany training of the FRACTION -NEW

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