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The Podcast open day training is intended for the makers of tomorrow. At the end of the day, the participants have made a podcast of about ten minutes and they know how to record, edit, publish and distribute it. This training is especially interesting for participants who want to master the entire production process.

We provide this workshop on fixed dates at our own training location Filmatelier Bussum as well as in-company. This workshop is also fun and very suitable as part of your team outing or team building day.


  • Basic video settings on your smartphone
  • Camera movements, composition and framing
  • Stable and shake-free image
  • Good and intelligible sound
  • Correct exposure
  • Storytelling techniques and decoupage
  • Interview techniques
  • Basic editing Skills
  • Archive and share with others

Explanation and practical exercise alternate

During the training, we use sound clips to identify the most important dos and don'ts of creating audio stories. We listen and analyze various storylines and compositions. You experience what a voice or interview can add to a story. In addition, you learn how to take the listener with you.

In the technical part of the training you will receive an explanation of the editing program Audacity, you will learn how to record voiceovers, which microphones work well and how you can use music to support your story.

The participants interview each other during the training and use the input from these conversations as the basis for their podcast. How do you start the story? What do you hear from the conversation and when do you use a voice-over? How do you build tension? How do you finish the story?

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The workshop is given on working days from 10.00 - 16.30 in the Filmatelier Bussum and costs € 349,- (excluding VAT, including lunch and use of teaching materials). In addition, all participants receive a copy of the Small Podcasts for Dummies, written by trainer Richard den Haring.

After the training you will have the opportunity to send the trainer a short homemade podcast on which you will receive feedback by email.

What can you do after this workshop?

You know the power (and the limitations) of the podcast medium. At the end of the training, participants made a podcast together of about 10 minutes. You can record, edit, publish and distribute a podcast. And not unimportant: you have practiced telling an attractive story for audio.

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Incompany training making podcasts
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Open training making podcasts
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Incompany training making podcasts

Incompany training making podcasts
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The workshop is given on working days from 10 am to 4.30 pm in the Filmatelier Bussum and costs € 349,- (excluding VAT, including lunch and use of teaching materials)

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