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Energy, passion and the eye of the filmmaker. You see it and you feel it in the films and the workshops of MFilms.

The driving force is trainer, camera journalist and film producer Françoise Mittertreiner. Through her years of experience in the television and film industry and in business, she speaks the language of every private or public client and understands the art of storytelling with impact for every target and target group.

Filming with the smartphone
Françoise discovered the power of filming with the smartphone in 2015. Large, heavy cameras were no longer necessary for high-quality films. Since then, it has been her mission to teach as many professionals and organizations as possible how to make beautiful catchy videos, vlogs, video reports and photos with their smartphones.

Tailor-made team
Françoise works as a camjo and depending on the size and shape of the production, she calls in the necessary freelance specialists from the MFilms team for, among other things, direction, sound, music and voice-over. This allows MFilms to offer productions and workshops with an optimal price/quality ratio.

Choose MFilms

  • Personal approach
  • Short production lines
  • Involvement
  • Openness
  • Inspiration
  • Experience
  • Trust
  • Optimal price/quality ratio
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Small and large projects
  • Customized team composition

‘The magic of image. As a teenager I was already captivated by the infinite possibilities of photo and film to include people in your story. As a film and documentary maker I made it my profession: for television, in the film industry and in business. As a trainer, I now also teach organizations and professionals.’

Françoise Mittertreiner


Our mission is to help professionals and organizations to visualize their stories beautifully, authentically and with impact with the smartphone.

At MFilms we have more than 30 years of experience in making professional corporate films, portraits and reports and giving presentations for the business community and (semi) government.

In 2015, we discovered the magic of the smartphone camera. You no longer need a professional media company to present yourself or your organization. Anyone can make professional videos, vlogs or photos with their smartphone.

As experienced filmmakers, we like to share our experience and teach you in a short time how you can present yourself with the smartphone and make catchy videos, vlogs and photos.


Vision – The importance of video, now and in the future!

Video is a powerful tool. Video content is easy to consume by the viewer and as an organization you can put a lot of emotion, argument and conviction in it.

In recent years, the use of video content has grown exponentially. Since Covid19, video has entered our lives even more. Smartphones, tablets, computers and TV. We are visually stimulated all day long.

As a result, video is playing an increasingly important role for organisations, social institutions and governments in the communication about their services, products and employees. People want to see the faces behind the organization, its products and services. Video can do that, better than any medium. Because everyone now has a smartphone, there are no longer any obstacles to creating video content yourself.

However, if you want to create good visual content, you need to know how visual language works. The better you understand this, the easier it is to communicate the right message. And to be able to vlog well, you also have to be able to present yourself well in front of the camera!


Showing yourself is more important than ever. You can write up websites and make thick glossy brochures, but images have more expressiveness and make more impact.

Learning to make
MFilms teaches professionals and organizations how to create good visual content themselves with their own smartphone. The camera of the smartphone is now so good that you can take professional images with it. It is also a relatively inexpensive way to meet the increasing demand for content. A good camera does not mean that you automatically create good content. MFilms teaches you how to make films, vlogs and photos that look good and are interesting to watch.

Have made
If you do not have the time or capacity yourself, you can have your visual content made by MFilms. We offer various video marketing packages. Some productions, such as a corporate film, are better left to the professionals. MFilms has all the knowledge and experience in-house, and has an extensive network that is deployed on a tailor-made basis.

Make together
Do you want to film yourself, but have no capacity for editing? Use MFilms for visual content in co-creation.