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Fotograferen smartphone als teamuitje - MFilms



A team building workshop smartphone film, vlog or photographing MFilms is one to remember. Then you know for sure that your colleagues will do something that is also instructive and useful for your organization.

Our smartphone teambuilding workshops guarantee inspiration, solidarity and experience. A perfect combination of effort and relaxation, fun and getting to know each other even better in a casual way.

During our educational and interactive workshops filming, business vlogging or photographing with your smartphone as a team building outing, participants not only learn how to make videos, vlogs and photos that look good, but are also interesting and catchy to watch.

Under the inspiring guidance of professionals from the film industry, participants produce their own film, vlog or series of photos with their smartphone within half a day or a whole day.

Our filming, vlogging or photographing with the smartphone workshop can be done for everyone and almost at any location in the Netherlands.

We can't think of a more fun and dynamic way to get to know each other better and to learn to work together better!

Workshop filming with the smartphone as a teambuilding activity

filmen en vloggen met je smartphone

During a workshop filming with your smartphone as a team outing, participants go through the production process in one or half day, which sometimes takes a professional film crew months. In each group, participants make a film story based on storytelling principles. Subsequently, the most important film techniques, film frames and camera movements are taught in a crash course. Then the recordings begin, using the smartphone as a camera. Then we look at the installation. A movie isn't a movie if there isn't at least a very small premiere party after its completion. With that we conclude.

Workshop business vlogging as a team building activity

Fotograferen smartphone - MFilms

During the workshop business vlogging as a team building activity, participants are given various short vlog assignments. After all, learning to vlog well with your smartphone is mainly a matter of doing. Based on the exercises and feedback from the teacher and fellow students, participants learn what works and what does not work in their vlogs and how they can present themselves powerfully, enthusiastically and confidently in front of the smartphone camera. In addition, they also learn how to properly interview other people within or outside your organization and how to get a good picture of them.
At the end of the day there is a premiere where all vlogs are viewed and the youtube award is presented to the best vlog.

Photographing workshop and editing photos with your smartphone as a team outing

filmen en vloggen met je smartphone

During this fun interactive and inspiring workshop photographing and editing photos with the smartphone as a team outing, participants learn in a few hours how they can take and edit the most beautiful photos with their smartphone. In groups, the participants carry out various assignments. One of the assignments is capturing each other on image. After the recordings, the participants will edit and print three photos. These are then put in a passe-partout and provided with personal commentary.

Impressions workshop: Incompany, as part of a team outing and in our own Filmatelier Bussum.

Impression workshop professional filming and vlogging with the smartphone for Samenwerk@corporation in the Gasfabriek Deventer.

Impression of training business vlogging and presenting in front of the camera for the Service Delivery Management Team of Leaseplan.

Workshop filming and vlogging for Aedes, at the beach pavilion in Scheveningen as a team building activity during their annual day out.

Workshop filming and vlogging for Aedes, at the beach pavilion in Scheveningen as a team building activity during their annual day out.

Filming and vlogging workshop for Eden Hotels as a teambuilding activity in the Babylon Hotel in The Hague.

Incompany workshop for employees of the Municipality of Uden and Oss in Uden.