The team of MFilms

The MFilms team has extensive experience in various fields, ranging from screenwriting and camera work to sound engineering, photography, lighting, animation, voice-over, editing and even composing music for soundtracks. This wealth of experience makes them not only experts in their fields, but also excellent trainers. Discover the talented team of MFilms specialists on this page. 

Francoise Mittertreiner

Filmmaker, film producer, and trainer
Françoise is the owner and founder of MFilms. In 1987, Françoise graduated from Curtin University in Perth as a film scholar. She then worked in Perth as a producer and director of documentaries and corporate videos. In 1989, she started working at Joop van den Ende as a production manager and later at the documentary production house Amber Film. From 1991 to 2012, Françoise worked in various marketing and business development roles. Since 2013, Françoise has been working again as a filmmaker and film producer.

Joost Schrickx

Script writer/director and trainer

Joost Schrickx is an experienced screenwriter and director. His experiences in concept and scenario development led Joost Schrickx to create the Basic Screenwriting Book in early 2015 (ISBN: 9082246309). As a filmmaker and film producer, he wrote several short films and a feature film. He also directed some groundbreaking documentaries. As a producer/director, he has produced many commissioned films, corporate films, and mood films.

Juliette Grimbergen

Vlogger, moderator, presenter and trainer

Juliette Grimbergen is a moderator and presenter. For both live and online events. In addition, Juliette is a vlogger. She did this for a year for LibelleTV and also has her own YouTube channel OtenticO. For business purposes, she uses her vlogging skills. She announces events and conferences or creates a short vlog on location or in the studio, with or without an interesting speaker. Juliette provides workshops on business vlogging and presentation training individually or in groups.

Mike Warmels

Mike Warmels

Director/script writer and trainer

Mike Warmels is an experienced maker of television programs and documentaries. He works as a director and scriptwriter for various public broadcasters (such as NTR, KRO-NCRV, AVROTROS, and EO) and independent production houses. Specialized in documentaries, human interest, science, and youth programs, he loves to make difficult subjects very accessible to a large or young audience. The key: a good STORY! But... a good story needs to be searched for, developed, structured... and then told well! That's what it's all about. And that may be the hardest part of making a film! So... what is 'a story' actually?

Bas Kok

Animator, illustrator and trainer

Bas is an animator and illustrator. With his company Loket 1, Bas Kok mainly focuses on creating animations and illustrations, but also on building websites. Due to his years of knowledge and experience in the advertising and graphic industry, Bas can empathize well with the wishes of organizations to deliver a thoughtful and creative product.


Jord Rupp

Composer/podcast producer and trainer

Jord Rupp graduated as a composer from the Herman Brood Academy, where he released electronic music with labels such as Spinnin’ Records. After completing his studies, he began sharing his knowledge through one-on-one music lessons. In addition to composing for himself, other artists, and teaching, Jord has a lot of experience in creating, recording, and editing podcasts. Due to his versatility, you can turn to him for anything related to audio.

Richard den Haring

Podcast producer and trainer

Richard specialized in Radio and Online Media after completing his HBO degree in Journalism. In 2014, he switched from radio to podcasting. A year later, he founded the podcast platform PodNL, which now attracts over half a million unique visitors monthly. Lastly, he is the author of the book Podcasting for Dummies and a podcast producer at Studio Lijn 14.

Baukje Hiemstra

Artist and Workshop Leader Film & Animation

After the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), Baukje Hiemstra specialized in film and animation. Since then, she has been producing, in addition to artist videos, short (non-)fictional videos for organizations. Her love for film is great and Baukje loves to share her passion for film. That's why she organizes and guides workshops on making fictional films, creating short animations for individuals, schools, and businesses. 

Kai Dieho

Camera man

Catching light. That's what it all comes down to. Whether it's corporate, broadcast, or NGO, cameraman Kai Dieho has over 6 years of experience in filming and editing at a professional level. He works for KRO, EO, AVROTROS, EenVandaag, and Omroep Gelderland, among others. Comfortable from conflict areas to presentations.

Jakob Krabbé

Voice actor

As a voice-over, Jakob Krabbé is frequently asked to voice commercials from his own studio. His voice can be heard daily on television, radio, and the internet. (Inter) National, regional, and local. But you can also hear Jacob in trailers, television programs, video games, animations, pre-rolls, voice response systems, corporate films, corporate web videos, e-learning programs, promos, jingles, audiobooks, and many other types of audiovisual productions. As a voice actor, Jacob also voices various animation series, cartoons, and feature films.

Barbara de Bruyckere

Voice actrice/voice-over

A theater education, a course in mime acting, acting with a street theater group, and regular singing lessons. A passion for theater. That is what drove Barbara de Bruyckere in her younger years. Her work as a presenter of a cultural program for the City Broadcast Utrecht seamlessly aligned with that.

The love for the stage remained, even when she worked as an executive secretary at listed companies such as KPN and AND. However, she was not as active in that direction for a long time. But she has picked it up again. As a voice actor, for her the synthesis of acting, presenting, and performing.

Jaap Gunnink

Jaap Gunnink

Voice over/imitator

Jaap works as a voice-over and impersonator. From his home studio, he creates his many voice dishes. He has been serving the radio, television, and online world for quite some time. His sound ingredients can be characterized as young, pure, and enthusiastic. And where possible, he adds a pinch of humor.

Ellen Röling


Ellen Röling is a concept thinker, storyteller, and writer. She participates in workshops focusing on concept and story. She also contributed to the website and brochures of MFilms.

Marco Verhagen

Regisserende camera operator

Marco has developed himself in the past 20 years in filming inspiring stories, regardless of the camera. He started his career as an adventure filmmaker, resulting in an 8-part television series about a sailing adventure around the world. His latest documentary Bont Girl is now available on Videoland. In addition, he creates corporate films for profit and non-profit organizations. Marco is a directing camera operator and handles editing in post-production. It is his passion to create stories that touch people.

Esmir Majdanac

Film maker

Esmir Majdanac is a filmmaker and graduated from the UVA as a film scholar. With over 10 years of experience as a cameraman, editor, and director in various productions such as TV segments, corporate films, and documentaries. He works with a wide range of cameras and is comfortable with different editing systems. With this experience, Esmir has been making films commissioned by various institutions, companies, and individuals for quite some time. His strength lies in adapting to different styles depending on the client's requirements. From daring out-of-focus shots edited to dreamy music to a precise, business-like approach to editing and shooting.

Abdou Azzar

Cameraman/editor/ colorgrader

Abdou Azzar is a freelance cameraman/editor/color grader. He is also a musician and music producer. He is very creatively inclined and sees every project as a work of art. His main focus is to convey the client's vision through visuals. His passion for visuals started in the field of photography during his education at the Fotovakschool (2005). During his education, he started creating mood films for his music and since then, Abdou never leaves the house without being armed with his camera.

Ludo Keeris

Sound operator 

Ludo Keeris is an experienced sound engineer who graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 1992. Since then, he has worked as a freelancer on a wide variety of film and television productions. His strength lies not only in professionally handling sound recordings, but also in collaborating with the filmmaker to achieve an even better end product. Although Ludo enjoys being on a large film set, he prefers the more intimate working environment of a documentary. He travels the world with great pleasure, but also holds a special place in his heart for the smaller, local projects.

Jan-Willem Verbeek


Right Notes composer, producer, and songwriter Jan Willem Verbeek mainly creates music on commission. He has written songs for Kinderen voor Kinderen, Fado singer Maria de Fátima, Berget Lewis, and all the songs for the '99% PURE' album '2 x 20 minutes'. He composed the songs for the educational apps 'Brazilian-Portuguese' and 'Learning Tables with Songs'. He has also created music for various corporate films, documentaries, and commercials. Additionally, he is often requested as a session guitarist, with the acoustic guitar being his specialty.

Luuk Muller

Sound designer/composer

Luuk Muller is a composer and a graduate sound designer from HKU. During his studies, he provided sound for numerous animations and films. Now, he is a freelancer and works with friends on short animations, art films, and video promotions. He is a big fan of documentaries and animations, which are where his main experience lies. Luuk's preferences are very diverse, he loves beats and new wave, but is also comfortable with techno. His motto is: 'as long as it's right!'

Hans Rusche


Hans Rusche graduated from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague as a performing musician in 1987. As a guitarist, he won the Scheveningen Cabaret Accompanists Prize in 1990 together with pianist Martin van Dijk's combo. Later, he specialized in creating custom orchestral tracks and composing and arranging music for commercials and corporate films. This led to the establishment of a full-fledged sound studio where various audio productions are created. His musical passion lies in jazz and pop music, but he is capable of tackling various styles. From classical to jazz, from rock to ballads.