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MFilms blog

Fotograferen smartphone als teamuitje - MFilms

Corporate vlogging with your smartphone

Corporate vlogging with your smartphone is a big video marketing and content trend right now. In a corporate vlog you mainly share your experience and expertise in your field.
But how do you do this professionally? And how do you use it strategically? It seems very simple but it is not.

Strengthen the bond with your colleagues with our new online team building workshop

Since the start of the corona crisis, we have been giving our in-company workshops online. More than 300 civil servants from the municipalities of Leeuwarden, Limburg, Zeeland, Amsterdam and Drechtsteden have learned to film and vlog via Zoom. That was not only educational, but also deepened the bond between colleagues! That is why we have now also started online team building workshops for companies.

Incompany workshop - MFilms

Controlling with images - filming and photographing with the smartphone

Last week I drove throughout the country with my smartphone filming and editing workshops and smartphone photography and editing. These workshops were offered to all municipalities and government organizations by the A + O fund during their national action week in which the A + O fund pays attention to craftsmanship, personal development and mobility.

Co-creation video marketing – something for everyone

More and more companies, government institutions and social organizations are aware of the power of video. Relevant content in the form of videos for the website and social media is not only an essential part of the marketing policy, it is also becoming easier.