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podcast training

Podcasting is a super convenient audio phenomenon that is growing in popularity and is also increasingly being used as part of the content marketing strategy for business. That's because podcasts are an excellent medium with which you can add depth to the content you want to offer to your potential customers. But also internally podcasts are a nice low-threshold means of communication to use.

In-company podcast training

With an in-company training, we tailor-make a training based on an inventory of the wishes of your organization. We usually use case studies from the client's practice in the training, so that the training closely matches your learning objectives, both theoretically and practically.

An in-company training is already possible from 4 participants. With an in-house assignment, we install our 'pop-up podcast studio' on location. By creating a professional podcast setting, the training is not only dynamic and educational, but participants also get a realistic picture of podcasting in practice.

Interested in a tailor-made in-company training? Send us an email with your wishes or give us a call to discuss what is possible.

Impression workshop: Incompany, as part of a team outing and in our own Filmatelier Bussum.