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Podcast AS A 

The podcast company outing is a combination of training and relaxation. The program lends itself well to communication teams of larger organizations that want to explore the possibilities of the medium in a dynamic way.

We teach your organization to make podcasts in a professional way!

After a short introduction about what a podcast is, you as a team get started with the question of what your podcast should be about (subject) and for whom it is made (target group). You will work out this first assignment in sub-teams and during this process you will feel the first pressure to perform. Nothing is now without obligation because only the best plan is definitively knighted as a podcast topic. The winner takes it all!

After the decision-making on the subject, you will get to work. You interview each other, record voiceovers and look for suitable stock audio for a podcast opening and closing tune. The pressure is increasing again, because here too, only a selection of the interviews and voice-overs will make it to the end product.

After a relaxing break in our restaurant or in good weather on our roof terrace, we will put together the podcast together with you. We do this 'live' on a large screen in the auditorium.

Everyone can participate actively, but if you want to watch, that's fine too. You can indicate centrally what will or will not be included in the podcast and we will process it visibly in the editing until the final episode.

We conclude the teambuilding with listening to the end result – your own podcast!

If you would like to brainstorm with us about the possibilities of this creative podcast outing, please contact us.

Impression workshop: Incompany, as part of a team outing and in our own Filmatelier Bussum.

Incompany training making podcasts
ING Real Estate Finance  

Open training making podcasts
Filmatelier Bussum  

Incompany training making podcasts

Incompany training making podcasts
Samen EU 

The power of workshops at MFilms

  • Lots of experience: MFilms has been offering workshops filming, vlogging, presenting and photographing with your smartphone since 2015
  • Training by professionals from the TV and film world with extensive didactic experience
  • Optimal variety of theory, examples and practical exercises
  • Emphasis is on trying it yourself for a steep learning curve
  • Personal attention
  • Good value for money: workshops are high-quality and affordable
  • Good reviews: participants go home inspired, happy and satisfied