Co-creation video marketing – something for everyone

More and more companies, government institutions and social organizations are aware of the power of video. Relevant content in the form of videos for the website and social media is not only an essential part of the marketing policy, it is also becoming easier.

As experienced film makers, we are 'the extra man' in the marketing department for our customers. We offer extra strength and guide organizations to the next step: continuity in the creation of video content. In addition to making company films, we also help organizations with their video marketing by teaching employees to film themselves. Easy with the camera we always have with us – the smartphone.

Film workshops
A good film should attract and hold attention. Moreover, you want images that fit within the vision of your company. A video that is too long or too little variation can destroy the message.

MFilms offers various film workshops in which your employees learn how to make a film or vlog in a professional manner using their smartphone. In addition to the technique of filming, participants also learn the art of telling a good story and communicating a powerful message.

Co-creation video marketing – do -(a part of)-it-yourself or have it done
In principle, after following a workshop, anyone can film with their smartphone and create video content with a mobile phone.
But making films, coming up with a concept, writing a script, filming, editing, selecting appropriate music and providing subtitles takes time in addition to knowledge and skill. A reason for organizations to outsource certain parts of the production of films. More and more relations are co-creating with us for the creation of video content. At Mfilms you can choose which parts of the video marketing you want to outsource and which you want to carry out in-house.
For example, you can come up with a beautiful concept and scenario yourself, but outsource the design, i.e. the recordings and editing. Or you outsource the development of the concept and scenario, but have your own employees make and edit the recordings.

Video Marketing Packages
We can also completely unburden you. For example, if you want a customer reference in the picture, an animation about the working method, service or product, a video vacancy or a short 'who are we' film, MFilms offers various video marketing packages. In consultation we put together a service package for a fixed amount per month, during which we record footage and create animations at various times during the year. For example, video content is ready for release on a monthly basis for your website and social media channels.

Would you like more information about how we can help you with your video marketing? Please contact us.