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Corporate vlogging with your smartphone

Corporate vlogging with your smartphone is a big video marketing and content trend right now. In a corporate vlog you mainly share your experience and expertise in your field.
But how do you do this professionally? And how do you use it strategically? It seems very simple but it is not.

A few tips for a successful vlog!

  1. Think of a catchy title! Make use of keywords (keywords are keywords, frequently used words or word combinations that visitors use with search engines).
  2. Share relevant content. Make a substantive interesting vlog of about 1 minute and a maximum of three minutes. Before you start filming, think about why the viewer should watch your vlog. What is the purpose of your vlog?
  3. Authenticity and reliability. Don't make your vlog too commercial. In your vlog you share your knowledge or give tips about your product or service. You don't talk about how good your service or product is.
  4. Preparation is half the battle. Prepare your vlog well. Think carefully about the beginning, middle and end. What is your message and what is your call-to-action? What do you want the viewer to do after your vlog?
  5. Clothes make the man. What are you going to wear? Make sure you wear clothes that fit you and your vlog.
  6. Make your vlog visually appealing. Your vlog does not have to look completely slick, but it does have to look a bit exciting and varied in image. Nobody wants to watch a 'talking head' all the time. Switch shots and film from different points of view.
  7. Music. Find a nice tune that fits your message of the vlog. The combination of image and sound captivates the viewer. Make sure you use royalty-free music!
  8. Provide regularity and consistency. Post and place your vlogs on YouTube and social media at fixed times.
    Choose an attractive thumbnail. Use an image from your vlog. The image has to match your story.
  9. Do you want to learn how to make your vlog interesting not only visually but also substantively? Then follow our filming and editing workshop with your smartphone. During this workshop you will not only learn how to make beautiful images and record good sound, but also how you can tell a catchy vlog or story in images. The workshop has been specially developed for anyone who wants to get more out of the smartphone when making a vlog, image report or recording an interview.

After our workshop you will walk away brimming with knowledge and information in the field of vlogs & video making. Many useful tips & tricks with regard to not only smartphone and film technique, but also how to build up a cartoon or vlog and conduct a simple interview. Meet other colleagues in an inspiring environment. Enjoy a delicious coffee and lunch in our film studio in Bussum and, above all, get a lot of inspiration and then get started with filming or vlogging with your smartphone.